The Watching


The Watching

Viewers cannot stay observers…

A group tune in to their regular show. Play. A period drama. Skip. A supernatural thriller. Fast forward. A mafia gang. Pause. Wait. Did that character … just … look at me? Rewind…

Reality and fantasy blur in this imaginative live performance from the eclectic minds of Melbourne’s emerging artists from the western suburbs. Serving you period drama, supernatural thriller and mafia noir realness, the screen comes alive on stage as over forty young people from Melbourne’s western suburbs write themselves into some of the most famous (read: outdated) Hollywood plotlines. Because, you know, life isn’t a spectator sport.

THE WATCHING is a reflection on the communal experience of viewing. It asks how art helps us reflect on the past, engage in the present and vision a
future where we are all written into the story.

Presented by Western Edge Youth Arts and performed and created by 40 young people from three youth theatre groups in Wyndham, Footscray and St Albans, THE WATCHING presents a rare insight into the talent and humour from our future leaders in the West.

Western Edge Youth Arts’ Community Youth Theatre Projects are proudly supported by the Victorian Government, Maribyrnong City Council, Wyndham City Council, Brimbank City Council, Besen Family Foundation, Newsboys Foundation and Arts Assist.

Presented by Western Edge Youth Arts.

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