The End/Future of History


The End/Future of History

In THE END/FUTURE OF HISTORY, contemporary artists examine how rights are simultaneously upheld and violated by government.

In an international system that has been dominated by western ideology, a fundamental flaw exists with the administering of rights. It is a system where the guarantor is almost always the key violator.

This exhibition brings together a number of contemporary artists examining this very flaw within systems of government. They call to question the ability of governments in fulfilling needs of people
when presented with conflicting demands.

Curated by Phuong Ngo and featuring works by Hoda Afshar, Lara Chamas, Yu Fang Chi, Katayoun Javan, James Nguyen, Sha Sawari,
Cyrus Tang, and Truc Truong.

Image by Katayoun Javan.

Presented by The SUBSTATION and Hyphenated Projects.

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