Oqo e rau Veisemati


Oqo e rau Veisemati

OQO E RAU VEISEMATI (meaning connectivity in Fijian) explores the connections prevalent in the way we live, especially as we travel between homelands and the diaspora.

Whether we are travelling over oceans or through the waves of the internet, we are always exchanging information, experiences and support. OQO E RAU VEISEMATI creates a sacred space positioned carefully in the offline, using the human body to demonstrate the importance of our personal connections.

Join artists Bella Waru, Luke Bodley, Mya Cole, Mya Morrison Middleton and Tyson Campbell on a two-day journey as they delve into their experiences of maintaining these connections.

This is a durational performance with invited audience participation.

Image by James Henry.

Presented by Due West Arts Festival, New Wayfinders, Mya Cole and Bella Waru.

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