Meet The Cloggers


Meet The Cloggers

Hailing from the mountains and settling in to the Raleigh Street Scout Hall in Seddon, and never before seen in a Festival context, it’s time to meet The Cloggers!

City West Cloggers have been clogging in the West since 1988, putting a spin on the classic tap dance with the addition of a ‘jingle tap’ fitted to the dancers regular shoe. Dancing in lines and guided by their instructor, President of the Australian Clogging Association Neville Flegg, The Cloggers are eager to share their artform with Due West audiences in this one-off, public event.

Joined by fellow locals, Pitchface and Yarraville Trugo Club and set in the picturesque Yarraville Pop Up Park, don’t miss this rare opportunity to delve into the history and hobbies that make up this dynamic snapshot of the West.

Image by Lana Nguyen.

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