Folly & Time


Folly & Time

In Indian tradition, dance and music form a symbiotic bond. The dancer absorbs and responds to the music and the musician feeds on the energy and movement of the dancer – allowing both to create more than they could alone. FOLLY & TIME explores this symbiosis, merging traditional Indian arts with western contemporary mediums using an interactive film installation, rich and eccentric musical score with dynamic dance movements.

In collaboration with Australian filmmaker Martin Fox and International dhol master, Maharshi Raval, Raghav Handa creates a matrix of relationships between three characters – two virtual, one physical – who engage in verbal and kinetic dialogue.

FOLLY & TIME investigates how ethereal flows can be real and intimate even when the musician is physically removed.

Image by Martin Fox.

Presented by School of the Arts and Media – UNSW and ReadyMade Works Inc.

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